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The QuickDraw MIS Bone Harvester has been used in over 40,000 procedures and is utilized at 4 of the top 5 US orthopedic centers recognized by US News & World Report. What contributes to this confidence? Our MIS ICBG technology obtains the most potent bone graft available for fusion with better outcomes and fewer complications than bone graft alternatives.

Cancellous iliac crest is
the gold standard; here is why…

Osteoconductive Architecture in Cancellous Bone Graft for spine fusion
Osteoconductive Architecture
Cell Proliferation in Cancellous Bone Graft for spine fusion
Cell Proliferation
Osteoblasts in Cancellous Bone Graft for spine fusion


QuickDraw MIS Bone Graft Harvester

QuickDraw Bone Harvester

The QuickDraw Bone Harvester is a complete percutaneous graft collection & delivery system that excises measured amounts of morselized autograft through the use of a Guide Wire, Obturator, and a series of Dilators and Cannulas. These instruments split muscle, and protect tissue during exposure, and provides control of the axis of the disposable multi-directional cutter tip. Bone is collected aseptically into a collection tube and is delivered to the graft site.

Disposable MIS Kits

Simple Made Easier. The QuickDraw MIS Bone Harvester is available in new completely disposable kits and contains the necessary instruments to obtain bone through a mini-open 1cm to 2cm incision resulting in a reduction of risk factors.

Disposable MIS Bone Graft Harvester with K-Wire
Percutaneous Instruments for Bone Graft Harvesting

Percutaneous Instrumentation

Minimal Incisional Exposure. Our classical system consists of universal instrumentation kit and access tools that allow a percutaneous incision to the iliac crest facilitating a reduction of risk factors associated with traditional open techniques. This contributes to better patient outcomes and improved cosmetic appearance. Hudson or Jacob’s attachment for us with manual or power, or customizable for surgeon preference.

Clinical Data Outlines Clear
ICBG Safety & Superiority

The Gold Standard Of Better Biology

Blue Stethescope and Blue Pen on Clinical Paperwork

Cost Effective

                                                                                                                                                  ICBG is a fraction of the cost of DBM, allograft, TCP, BMA, Cellular Grafts, & BMP.


Physician Consulting Female Patient.

Superior OsteoGenesis

ICBG naturally attracts cells to heal & remodel bone without activation drugs, synthetics, or composite carriers.

Two Doctors Discussing Clinical Data


                                                                                                                                                      ICBG is shown to have fewer complications and adverse events and a higher safety profile in LEVEL-1 rhBMP clinical studies.

Happy Patient With Family

Healing Is The Goal

                                                                                                                                                        MIS techniques permit access with a reduction in risk factors associated with pain & morbidity.

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