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Mission Statement : To resurrect interest in MIS autografting and training in the technique to deliver value-based care solutions for patients.

QuickDraw Bone Graft Harvester

Following the findings, Paradigm advanced MIS techniques to provide more favorable outcomes – the result was the development of the QuickDraw MIS Bone Harvester.

Since 2009, clinical data has supported the safety and efficacy of MIS iliac crest bone harvesting yeilding results that refute earlier clinical data. ICBG, the "gold standard," now represents a natural and effective option for excellent clinical outcomes, lower costs, and favorable professional reimbursement.

Since 1997, Paradigm BioDevices has been committed to advancing MIS solutions for patients and doctors.

Paradigm’s leading product, the QuickDraw MIS Bone Harvester, was launched in the midst of widespread expansion in the use of bone substitutes due to concerns over donor site morbidity. Rather than develop another bone substitute, Paradigm conducted pre-market surveys to investigate the underlying causes of donor site morbidity.

QuickDraw Bone Graft Harvester with MIS Cannulae
QuickDraw Bone Graft Harvester with Percutaneous technique through Cannulae.

Paradigm BioDevices Team

Mike O'Neill
Mike O'NeillFounder & CEO

Mike O'Neill

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with 32 years experience in the medical device industry including disruptive spinal implant fixation systems, total disk arthroplasty, bone grafting, and orthobiologics utilized in orthopedic and neurosurgical surgical specialties. Skilled in new business development, team building, product design, manufacturing, U.S. distribution, QMS ISO certification, strategic planning, tactical execution, and marketing and sales with full P&L responsibility. Inventor of the QuickDraw MIS Bone Harvester, the leader in MIS iliac crest bone grafting for spine surgery; contributing to safer patient outcomes and value-based care solutions with relevant Medicare reimbursement. Specialization in new market creation for emerging disruptive technologies with introduction of MIS stand-alone integrated interbody fusion devices, including full US market launch of the novel STALIF & InterPlate interbody systems. Success building US distribution networks for multiple start-up companies seeking US market entry generating rapid sales traction, driving bottom line revenues, and higher top-line valuations; many leading to successful mergers & acquisitions.

Garrett deBorst
Garrett deBorstVice President of Sales
Matthew O’Neill
Matthew O’NeillClinical Field Specialist
Susan O’Neill
Susan O’NeillAdministration
Bob Maloney
Bob MaloneyAccounting & Logistics
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