Bridging Flush-Fit™ Technology

InterPlate is the new breakthrough in modular stand alone interbody technology. For the first time, surgeons have the ability to select modular material properties that best suit patient pathologies and individualize loading preferences for each indication.

Key design parameters include:

Two-piece bridging flush-fit profile, the first patented dynamic constraint construct that allows immediate graft loading and minimizes stress shielding.

The Compact screw safety zone minimizes retraction, incision size, and improves screw trajectory, reducing vascular and dysphasia risk factors.


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Presentation: Understanding the Possibilities

Instructional Workshop: Avoiding ASD in the Cervical Spine - CSRS 2010 - (663 KB)

Features and Benefits: InterPlate C-Ti vs. Cervical Plates - (450KB)

Two Level Lumbar Case Slideshow with Two-Step Insertion - (926KB)

  • Patented Teeth & Slot Design
  • Permits 1.8mm of Immediate Graft Loading
  • Implant Teeth Provide +>50% More Stability
  • Less Retraction
  • Superior Corrective Force Applications
  • Minimal surface prep
  • Self-Centers between the vertebrae for screw insertion
  • Cortical Shelf Directs Compression to the Vertebral Body
  • Confined to Midline of the Vertebral Column Minimizing the Incision


Bridging Flush-Fit™ Technology

InterPlate is a stable, load sharing spinal implant that permits 1.8mm of immediate graft loading without stress sheilding.

  • Locking cover prevents screw backout
  • Large graft volume
  • Minimizes retraction and surgical site preparation
  • Obviates the need for pedicle screws in lumbar applications

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